When heating up different fabrics, for example in stenter devices and/or while applying different substances to improve the fabric, oil mist or oil smoke can occur. If left unfiltered, the contaminated air will pollute the indoor or outdoor environment.

With the Absolent filter unit Asmoke there is a solution that will not only provide the employees with clean air but also save energy and money. How is that possible? Simply because filter units from Absolent clean the contaminated air captured close to the process in several filter stages. As the final stage we provide a HEPA filter that ensures that only completely clean air is leaving the filter – during the entire operation. After it has been cleaned the air can easily be led back into the premises or sent through a heat exchanger to other parts of the plant.

We provide you with clean air from our filter and around your machine with long  service intervals. After all, that was what you bought!

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